INTERN (2019)

After almost a decade of running a one-man studio, I am now looking for someone to join Dennis Osadebe by offering a (3 month) paid internship. 

Over the past few years I have developed a steady workflow of interesting projects for exciting clients from all over the world. I am now looking for a talented intern to team up with and help me out with various aspects of the busy studio life. From project management, organising and communication, to creative work and production like helping out with printmaking etc. 

I am not looking for another artist with a similar style, but more for someone who is motivated, creative, organised, and driven. Someone who can help me out thinking of fun projects to push the studio forward, reaching out to new clients, create a strong online profile. Someone with great taste, a playful mind, who is engaged in the (design) world and familiar with adobe, and most of all eager to learn. 

Please send a PDF portfolio/CV and/or your a link to your website (if available), or social media account, but more importantly a short motivation to help me understand your personality and vision.

Send to:

Job Role

  • Project management: for example if I have a show coming up, the person will help me work with promotion team, producing the works, sending out invites and more.

  • Organising schedule

  • Communicating brand through social media channels. 

  • Helping me out with producing works and creating new packages for products. 

  • Meeting every Monday to discuss potential projects and strategise. 

  • Reaching out to new clients. 

  • Following up with existing clients with newsletters and other creative methods. 

  • Daily operations of the studio.

Work ethics and conduct 

  • Keep everything work/project related private. (Very important) 


  • Competitive

Start Date - End Date

  • To be decided


  • Monday (Meeting session 10am) - 4pm

  • Tuesday (10am - 4pm)

  • Friday (10am - 4pm)


  • This role is not country specific.